Here are five reasons why waiting to sell until spring is a bad idea.

In 2021, there are five good reasons why “waiting for spring” is a bad idea for home sellers:

1. There are serious buyers out there. There are a lot of them, and they’re motivated to buy. You should expect multiple, great offers on your home in this kind of market.

2. Less competition. With little to no inventory, you’re going to get a better offer than normal just because of supply and demand.

“Natural light is important to Northwest buyers.”

3. Selling season has begun. We had a mild winter, so the selling season has started already. Spring buyers are out in the market right now.

4. Show off other assets. This time of year can show things like outdoor lighting, a cozy fireplace, and the natural light your home has. That’s important for Northwest buyers.

5. Low interest rates. With historically low rates, buyers have kept up demand, and sellers are reaping the benefits.

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